Sunday, 12 February 2012

velvet/things i must invest in/charity shops

i'll be finishing my current school in june and i can't wait. the only downfall is the fact that at college in september there is no set uniform, so i can wear whatever. i think most people would think this is amazing, and wouldn't be able to see a problem. unless you're like me and have no money.
fortunately, i love charity shopping. unfortunately, there are about 6 charity shops near where i live and they're all closed on sundays, which is pretty much the only time i can get to them. hopefully seeing as it's half term next week i'll be able to go and have a look around then.
my all time favourite charity shop is EETS (east end thrift store) in london. it's the most difficult place to get to - i've walked straight past it a few times. it's in east london, tucked away down 'assembly passage' which is a road wide enough for a car to get down, with a few people crushed into the sides. the shop itself is amazing though. there's this guy who works in there who wanders around redesigning vintage clothing - there's a whole section in the back where clothes are being ironed, changed, stitched etc. and half the shop is a 'sale' part, if that is possible. one half of the shop is just normal price vintage clothing, £10 for a shirt, £20 for levis and around £20 - £40 for a jumper. The other half though? woah. there are stacks and stacks of clothes, all lying in bunches all over the floor. you've gotta be prepared to look for decent stuff, but i've found an amazing St Michael cable knit jumper and some Levis for only £1 before. i'm currently dyeing them, i'm not sure how they'll turn out, but hopefully well!
i've gone completely off track here.. hmm. so for college, i'm going to have to buy lots of clothes. my plan is to find things i like and then make my own versions - so much cheaper and no one will have the same! here's some stuff which i want to make similar ones to.


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