Saturday, 11 February 2012


well, i guess this is my first post. hopefully i'll have enough motivation to keep on at this, and in a year or so i'll read through my blog and rediscover this post, but who knows.
anyway! i suppose seeing as this is my first post i should say some stuff about me, so here goes.
i'm georgia. i live in south east england - don't go there. this is what i look like. i'm in the midst of deciding whether or not i should redye my hair brown, or stay blonde. it's a hard decision.  i love black coffee, long bus journeys and big jumpers. i'm currently taking my GCSEs, but in june when i've finished (and been on holiday with my friends - yay!) i'll be going to 6th form and studying english, psychology, photography and media. i like cats and studded velvet, and i eventually want to sell some of my designed clothes. i enjoy bleaching, dyeing and studding my shorts, and adding collars and things to other stuff. charity shops, primark and very occasionally topshop (when i have money, eg not often) are where i shop, so any pictures of me which are uploaded are probably showing clothes from there. this blog will mainly be clothes i want, things i've customised and will no doubt feature whatever craze i am currently going through. enjoy!

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