Sunday, 12 February 2012

made these last night!

you know i've mentioned about making my own clothes and stuff? i finally got round to bleaching my shorts yesterday! i've done two pairs, and found something out about bleaching techniques. i quite literally put the shorts in a bowl, grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured it on them. there are different effect which can be achieved; leave the bleach on for around 10 minutes and they come out like this:
(ignore the awful picture quality, i had to take it on my phone because my camera is currently charging). alternatively, if you leave the bleach on for literally two minutes, they come out like this!
with my toes at the bottom. hmm. this picture is awful quality, again, blame the iphone. but the actual shorts look really good. i think i might wait for them to dry and then add some more bleach, but wait for it for a longer time so the shorts have red/pink and yellow on them. 

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