Wednesday, 6 June 2012


sorry i haven't been on here in ages, i've been focusing on my exams and passing them! i've got my last one next wednesday, and after that i'll be blogging much more frequently, and hopefully i can make up for this past month or so where i haven't been on at all! one other thing i've been doing recently is designing my own clothes and selling them. only on ebay at the moment because i haven't had time to make multiple copies of things, but it's a start! i've also made a website for me to show the clothes on as well, none of them are for sale (seeing as all but the cosmic shorts have already been sold) i just thought it would be a good idea to get a portfolio going for the future. i'm aiming to start making more and more things because i have three months off before i start college in september, and as well as getting a job it'll be my plan to start selling my clothes as well. fancy checking it out? go to thanks!

Friday, 16 March 2012

outfits i'd love to own

these are just some outfits i'd buy if i had money - i'll probably slowly invest in key items and then add the extra bits as i go along. some of the stuff will be mentioned more than once, this doesn't mean i'll buy duplicates, simply that i'd wear them with more than one thing!
1. black The Smiths top, oversized, sleeves cut off, tucked into maroon flippy velvet skirt with a long pearl necklace, black creepers and white frilly socks.
2. high waisted bottle green shorts, preferably with an acid wash effect and studded pockets. with a racer back black shirt with some form of pattern or slogan on the front, paired with white creepers, lilac frilly socks and probably nude tights, knowing england! i'd probably wear it with a long gold chain necklace as well, and some gold bracelets.
3. tie dye shirt with short sleeves, but baggy. half tucked into pale blue high waisted shorts, with white tights with pale pink spots on them and black brogues.
4. sheer white blouse with studded collar and pocket. long sleeves with studded ends. black strapless bra underneath and black velvet leggings. preferably paired with docs of any colour, maroon or teal preferable.
5. black velvet maxi skirt, waist high, with a aztec patterned sleeveless shirt tucked in and black creepers.
6. black bandeau top with pastel flippy skirt pulled high. white/nude tights and black creepers.
7. pastel green shorts and purple 'wasted youth' shirt half tucked in. white/nude tights, pale pink creepers and white frilly socks.
8. black high waisted jeans with a pastel tie dye short sleeve shirt with studs on the collar. jeans turned up a few inches at the bottom with pale green boat shoes.
9. vintage faded american flag top half tucked into grey/acid wash jeans and white docs.
10. high waisted denim blue straight leg levis, with a black bandeau top and a checked shirt undone on top, and a leather jacket on top of that. tan brogues as well.

creepers and pastels

i love these. i love love love these. and creepers in general, but especially these. they're not even real - not that i'm aware of anyway. if someone created lilac creepers i would go out there and buy them, probably no matter what the price was! i'd love some lilac velvet docs as well. i think anyone reading my blog right now will realise that lilac features pretty highly in my life at the moment, whether it's clothing, blog backgrounds or shoes!
aren't they the nicest shoes ever? i found some pale pink ones (similar to the ones i own but nicer, also around £60 more expensive, which is why i own the ones i do and not these ones) and then i changed the colour of them on paint shop pro, to make them lilac. i might look up some clothes (or just write the descriptions) of outfits i'm gonna invest in. dad said if i do well in my exams he'll give me money as an incentive, anything from £500 - £1000 depending on how well i do - definitely going to be working hard! so if i do well, and manage to get that amount of money i'll buy the outfits in the next post.

recent things

i haven't posted in ages! well, about a month, which let's be honest is ages. i can't even say i've been up to much for an excuse, because i haven't. in all fairness, i've had loads of revision to do for my gcses, which is about as fun as it sounds, eg not very. on the plus side, in my spare time (which i should have spent blogging!) i've been designing some more clothes.
i bought this top from new look for £3, and then cut off the sleeves and decorated it, and added studs. i'm pretty happy with it, considering it cost me only £3! i'm planning to sandpaper parts of the bottom to make it look more tatty, and maybe add some slits or something.

I also decorated these shorts. i bought them for £5 from primark, and they were bright green. i was planning to bleach them white, but i didn't leave the bleach on for long enough so they turned pastely green/white, with a tie dye kind of effect. i added a cross on the back (keeping up with fashion you see!) and some studs on the front. i might put them on ebay because they don't fit me, although i guess they're an incentive to lose weight.

I think i'll wear them in the summer together, along with my black creepers, or white ones if i can buy them before! i also bought some pale pink creepers from ebay, but i'm not keen on them. they're too rounded at the  toes, i prefer the pointed ones more. they're such a nice colour though, it's just the style which i'm not keen on.

They'd be perfect for the current pastel theme, if i wore all three things together. perhaps with white frilly ankle socks and a long pearl necklace? might have to work on something like this, keep a look out for this outfit! i think it would be perfect for a festival. the shoes are growing on me as i'm planning outfits around them - i might change the laces to white ribbon as well.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

what i do when i'm bored.

decided to do some more designing. oh, the things i would make if i had the materials and skills! i have so many ideas of things i would love to wear and design, but i don't have the patterns or skills or materials. i might change this. for now though, i'll stick to designing things i do have, like the above. the top is from topshop, but the shorts were originally from internacionale. they were plain black jeans but i cut them up and bleached them. i think i've spoken about them previously.
the bag was from urban outfitters, and i stuck black velvet crosses on it. as for the shoes, they'll be my pride and joy when they're finished! i wanted some which looked like doc martens, seeing as i don't have the money for real ones. i really wanted velvet ones as well, so i found some red velvet material in a charity shop for £3, and decided to use it for the shoes! i haven't finished them yet, but the picture shown is what they look like so far. for the final design, imagine them entirely red velvet with studding!

breathe in, breathe out, let's do something different.

i have absolutely nothing to do today. i decided to cut up an old shirt, unfortunately i forgot to take a 'before' picture, but the after effect is pretty cool. i was thinking about bleaching it, but i tested a patch of one of the sleeves and it went some weird sludgy colour, not the white or yellow i was hoping for. before, it was a long sleeve maroon shirt, it's a mens size L i think. i changed the collar, by adding leopard print material to it, and i cut the arm holes, so they end around my waist length. the actual shirt came down nearly to my knees (which means it's pretty long, i'm 5 foot 9) so i cut it to around him length. then i ended up tucking it into my jeans, adding a fur coat and going to town! i took a few pictures before i went as well, my new camera is still confusing me but i'm gradually getting the hang of it!

velvet/things i must invest in/charity shops

i'll be finishing my current school in june and i can't wait. the only downfall is the fact that at college in september there is no set uniform, so i can wear whatever. i think most people would think this is amazing, and wouldn't be able to see a problem. unless you're like me and have no money.
fortunately, i love charity shopping. unfortunately, there are about 6 charity shops near where i live and they're all closed on sundays, which is pretty much the only time i can get to them. hopefully seeing as it's half term next week i'll be able to go and have a look around then.
my all time favourite charity shop is EETS (east end thrift store) in london. it's the most difficult place to get to - i've walked straight past it a few times. it's in east london, tucked away down 'assembly passage' which is a road wide enough for a car to get down, with a few people crushed into the sides. the shop itself is amazing though. there's this guy who works in there who wanders around redesigning vintage clothing - there's a whole section in the back where clothes are being ironed, changed, stitched etc. and half the shop is a 'sale' part, if that is possible. one half of the shop is just normal price vintage clothing, £10 for a shirt, £20 for levis and around £20 - £40 for a jumper. The other half though? woah. there are stacks and stacks of clothes, all lying in bunches all over the floor. you've gotta be prepared to look for decent stuff, but i've found an amazing St Michael cable knit jumper and some Levis for only £1 before. i'm currently dyeing them, i'm not sure how they'll turn out, but hopefully well!
i've gone completely off track here.. hmm. so for college, i'm going to have to buy lots of clothes. my plan is to find things i like and then make my own versions - so much cheaper and no one will have the same! here's some stuff which i want to make similar ones to.