Friday, 16 March 2012

recent things

i haven't posted in ages! well, about a month, which let's be honest is ages. i can't even say i've been up to much for an excuse, because i haven't. in all fairness, i've had loads of revision to do for my gcses, which is about as fun as it sounds, eg not very. on the plus side, in my spare time (which i should have spent blogging!) i've been designing some more clothes.
i bought this top from new look for £3, and then cut off the sleeves and decorated it, and added studs. i'm pretty happy with it, considering it cost me only £3! i'm planning to sandpaper parts of the bottom to make it look more tatty, and maybe add some slits or something.

I also decorated these shorts. i bought them for £5 from primark, and they were bright green. i was planning to bleach them white, but i didn't leave the bleach on for long enough so they turned pastely green/white, with a tie dye kind of effect. i added a cross on the back (keeping up with fashion you see!) and some studs on the front. i might put them on ebay because they don't fit me, although i guess they're an incentive to lose weight.

I think i'll wear them in the summer together, along with my black creepers, or white ones if i can buy them before! i also bought some pale pink creepers from ebay, but i'm not keen on them. they're too rounded at the  toes, i prefer the pointed ones more. they're such a nice colour though, it's just the style which i'm not keen on.

They'd be perfect for the current pastel theme, if i wore all three things together. perhaps with white frilly ankle socks and a long pearl necklace? might have to work on something like this, keep a look out for this outfit! i think it would be perfect for a festival. the shoes are growing on me as i'm planning outfits around them - i might change the laces to white ribbon as well.


  1. So pretty! Love it all!!

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    ox from NYC!


  2. Those Creepers are lush! Definitely following, I love your blog! x