Friday, 16 March 2012

outfits i'd love to own

these are just some outfits i'd buy if i had money - i'll probably slowly invest in key items and then add the extra bits as i go along. some of the stuff will be mentioned more than once, this doesn't mean i'll buy duplicates, simply that i'd wear them with more than one thing!
1. black The Smiths top, oversized, sleeves cut off, tucked into maroon flippy velvet skirt with a long pearl necklace, black creepers and white frilly socks.
2. high waisted bottle green shorts, preferably with an acid wash effect and studded pockets. with a racer back black shirt with some form of pattern or slogan on the front, paired with white creepers, lilac frilly socks and probably nude tights, knowing england! i'd probably wear it with a long gold chain necklace as well, and some gold bracelets.
3. tie dye shirt with short sleeves, but baggy. half tucked into pale blue high waisted shorts, with white tights with pale pink spots on them and black brogues.
4. sheer white blouse with studded collar and pocket. long sleeves with studded ends. black strapless bra underneath and black velvet leggings. preferably paired with docs of any colour, maroon or teal preferable.
5. black velvet maxi skirt, waist high, with a aztec patterned sleeveless shirt tucked in and black creepers.
6. black bandeau top with pastel flippy skirt pulled high. white/nude tights and black creepers.
7. pastel green shorts and purple 'wasted youth' shirt half tucked in. white/nude tights, pale pink creepers and white frilly socks.
8. black high waisted jeans with a pastel tie dye short sleeve shirt with studs on the collar. jeans turned up a few inches at the bottom with pale green boat shoes.
9. vintage faded american flag top half tucked into grey/acid wash jeans and white docs.
10. high waisted denim blue straight leg levis, with a black bandeau top and a checked shirt undone on top, and a leather jacket on top of that. tan brogues as well.


  1. I love high waisted shorts :)
    great post!!

  2. i like your blog!!

  3. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is impeccable. I'm in awe at how brilliant it is! Oh, and jusdging from your icon your hair looks beautiful. I have a slight obsession with pastel hair at the moment. I wish mine was like that! I hope you're having a lovely day xxx