Friday, 16 March 2012

creepers and pastels

i love these. i love love love these. and creepers in general, but especially these. they're not even real - not that i'm aware of anyway. if someone created lilac creepers i would go out there and buy them, probably no matter what the price was! i'd love some lilac velvet docs as well. i think anyone reading my blog right now will realise that lilac features pretty highly in my life at the moment, whether it's clothing, blog backgrounds or shoes!
aren't they the nicest shoes ever? i found some pale pink ones (similar to the ones i own but nicer, also around £60 more expensive, which is why i own the ones i do and not these ones) and then i changed the colour of them on paint shop pro, to make them lilac. i might look up some clothes (or just write the descriptions) of outfits i'm gonna invest in. dad said if i do well in my exams he'll give me money as an incentive, anything from £500 - £1000 depending on how well i do - definitely going to be working hard! so if i do well, and manage to get that amount of money i'll buy the outfits in the next post.


  1. really like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  2. Love/want this!!!!!!

    PS. We’ve a Giveaway to Emerging Thoughts on our blog, check it out if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  3. I love those shoes :)
    they are amazing!