Sunday, 12 February 2012

what i do when i'm bored.

decided to do some more designing. oh, the things i would make if i had the materials and skills! i have so many ideas of things i would love to wear and design, but i don't have the patterns or skills or materials. i might change this. for now though, i'll stick to designing things i do have, like the above. the top is from topshop, but the shorts were originally from internacionale. they were plain black jeans but i cut them up and bleached them. i think i've spoken about them previously.
the bag was from urban outfitters, and i stuck black velvet crosses on it. as for the shoes, they'll be my pride and joy when they're finished! i wanted some which looked like doc martens, seeing as i don't have the money for real ones. i really wanted velvet ones as well, so i found some red velvet material in a charity shop for £3, and decided to use it for the shoes! i haven't finished them yet, but the picture shown is what they look like so far. for the final design, imagine them entirely red velvet with studding!

breathe in, breathe out, let's do something different.

i have absolutely nothing to do today. i decided to cut up an old shirt, unfortunately i forgot to take a 'before' picture, but the after effect is pretty cool. i was thinking about bleaching it, but i tested a patch of one of the sleeves and it went some weird sludgy colour, not the white or yellow i was hoping for. before, it was a long sleeve maroon shirt, it's a mens size L i think. i changed the collar, by adding leopard print material to it, and i cut the arm holes, so they end around my waist length. the actual shirt came down nearly to my knees (which means it's pretty long, i'm 5 foot 9) so i cut it to around him length. then i ended up tucking it into my jeans, adding a fur coat and going to town! i took a few pictures before i went as well, my new camera is still confusing me but i'm gradually getting the hang of it!

velvet/things i must invest in/charity shops

i'll be finishing my current school in june and i can't wait. the only downfall is the fact that at college in september there is no set uniform, so i can wear whatever. i think most people would think this is amazing, and wouldn't be able to see a problem. unless you're like me and have no money.
fortunately, i love charity shopping. unfortunately, there are about 6 charity shops near where i live and they're all closed on sundays, which is pretty much the only time i can get to them. hopefully seeing as it's half term next week i'll be able to go and have a look around then.
my all time favourite charity shop is EETS (east end thrift store) in london. it's the most difficult place to get to - i've walked straight past it a few times. it's in east london, tucked away down 'assembly passage' which is a road wide enough for a car to get down, with a few people crushed into the sides. the shop itself is amazing though. there's this guy who works in there who wanders around redesigning vintage clothing - there's a whole section in the back where clothes are being ironed, changed, stitched etc. and half the shop is a 'sale' part, if that is possible. one half of the shop is just normal price vintage clothing, £10 for a shirt, £20 for levis and around £20 - £40 for a jumper. The other half though? woah. there are stacks and stacks of clothes, all lying in bunches all over the floor. you've gotta be prepared to look for decent stuff, but i've found an amazing St Michael cable knit jumper and some Levis for only £1 before. i'm currently dyeing them, i'm not sure how they'll turn out, but hopefully well!
i've gone completely off track here.. hmm. so for college, i'm going to have to buy lots of clothes. my plan is to find things i like and then make my own versions - so much cheaper and no one will have the same! here's some stuff which i want to make similar ones to.


new camera

for christmas, i got a Nikon L120. and yes, i know christmas was a while ago, but i'm only just figuring out how to use it. i love photography, and although i'm not very good at it, i still take lots of pictures. i'm taking it for A level, which may be a stupid idea, but who knows? my old camera, some fujifilm one took pretty good pictures, although since i've got my new one it's been demoted to 'gig camera'. these are pictures i've taken on my old/new camera which i really like.

made these last night!

you know i've mentioned about making my own clothes and stuff? i finally got round to bleaching my shorts yesterday! i've done two pairs, and found something out about bleaching techniques. i quite literally put the shorts in a bowl, grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured it on them. there are different effect which can be achieved; leave the bleach on for around 10 minutes and they come out like this:
(ignore the awful picture quality, i had to take it on my phone because my camera is currently charging). alternatively, if you leave the bleach on for literally two minutes, they come out like this!
with my toes at the bottom. hmm. this picture is awful quality, again, blame the iphone. but the actual shorts look really good. i think i might wait for them to dry and then add some more bleach, but wait for it for a longer time so the shorts have red/pink and yellow on them. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012


there seems to be some new thing at the moment of putting crosses on clothing. not for religious purposes, but just for no obvious purpose. they've been 'big' on tumblr for a while now, which makes them seem more indie than anything else (forgive me for saying indie - only for lack of another word!). New Look has a few tops out with crosses on them, and there was a topshop skirt out ages ago with crosses dotted all over it. i was gonna buy one, but they were out of stock everywhere in every size except 6, which i'm unfortunately not. 
isn't it lovely?! i got one from primark which is pretty similar, except it's got studs all over it instead of crosses, so in my mind it's still pretty! i've worn it a few times with a cream blouse, nude tights, cream lacy socks and my creepers. as soon as the weather warms up it'll be out again. i also saw an outfit like this online. (coincidentally, also on tumblr!) 
i really like the contrast of the colours. maroon/burgundy and teal are my two favourite colours, and due to my lack of clothing the only times i've worn them together was with my teal blouse and maroon leggings, i'd much rather wear the above outfit though! if the dress is the one i think it is, it's the 'velvet flippy dress' from topshop. i have the black one, only because it was reduced in the sale. i would have bought the maroon one but again - lack of sizing. i think i'm going to try and find an outfit similar to this - i can wear my teal blouse and maybe stud it if i can find the time, and i'll try and find a maroon velvet skirt to wear with it. along with my creepers, of course. i think they're pretty much the only shoes i ever wear. 
other clothes i've seen with crosses on them are tops like these: 

which i might try and make as well. they're selling on ebay for around £20 each, when they could be made for so much less. all you'd need is a white shirt, which could be bought from anywhere, a cross motif (you can get these on ebay for around £2), and some dye. they look really effective - i can imagine them selling in topshop in different colours - but obviously they'd be a lot more money on there. i might buy some dye, except in orange and blue i think, and make one! we've got half term at school at the moment, so hopefully by the end of the week i'll have had a chance to go charity shopping and i'll have lots of clothes to upload on here!


well, i guess this is my first post. hopefully i'll have enough motivation to keep on at this, and in a year or so i'll read through my blog and rediscover this post, but who knows.
anyway! i suppose seeing as this is my first post i should say some stuff about me, so here goes.
i'm georgia. i live in south east england - don't go there. this is what i look like. i'm in the midst of deciding whether or not i should redye my hair brown, or stay blonde. it's a hard decision.  i love black coffee, long bus journeys and big jumpers. i'm currently taking my GCSEs, but in june when i've finished (and been on holiday with my friends - yay!) i'll be going to 6th form and studying english, psychology, photography and media. i like cats and studded velvet, and i eventually want to sell some of my designed clothes. i enjoy bleaching, dyeing and studding my shorts, and adding collars and things to other stuff. charity shops, primark and very occasionally topshop (when i have money, eg not often) are where i shop, so any pictures of me which are uploaded are probably showing clothes from there. this blog will mainly be clothes i want, things i've customised and will no doubt feature whatever craze i am currently going through. enjoy!