Saturday, 11 February 2012


there seems to be some new thing at the moment of putting crosses on clothing. not for religious purposes, but just for no obvious purpose. they've been 'big' on tumblr for a while now, which makes them seem more indie than anything else (forgive me for saying indie - only for lack of another word!). New Look has a few tops out with crosses on them, and there was a topshop skirt out ages ago with crosses dotted all over it. i was gonna buy one, but they were out of stock everywhere in every size except 6, which i'm unfortunately not. 
isn't it lovely?! i got one from primark which is pretty similar, except it's got studs all over it instead of crosses, so in my mind it's still pretty! i've worn it a few times with a cream blouse, nude tights, cream lacy socks and my creepers. as soon as the weather warms up it'll be out again. i also saw an outfit like this online. (coincidentally, also on tumblr!) 
i really like the contrast of the colours. maroon/burgundy and teal are my two favourite colours, and due to my lack of clothing the only times i've worn them together was with my teal blouse and maroon leggings, i'd much rather wear the above outfit though! if the dress is the one i think it is, it's the 'velvet flippy dress' from topshop. i have the black one, only because it was reduced in the sale. i would have bought the maroon one but again - lack of sizing. i think i'm going to try and find an outfit similar to this - i can wear my teal blouse and maybe stud it if i can find the time, and i'll try and find a maroon velvet skirt to wear with it. along with my creepers, of course. i think they're pretty much the only shoes i ever wear. 
other clothes i've seen with crosses on them are tops like these: 

which i might try and make as well. they're selling on ebay for around £20 each, when they could be made for so much less. all you'd need is a white shirt, which could be bought from anywhere, a cross motif (you can get these on ebay for around £2), and some dye. they look really effective - i can imagine them selling in topshop in different colours - but obviously they'd be a lot more money on there. i might buy some dye, except in orange and blue i think, and make one! we've got half term at school at the moment, so hopefully by the end of the week i'll have had a chance to go charity shopping and i'll have lots of clothes to upload on here!

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